Iran Mineral Processing Research Center works in the field of providing laboratory services and creating a suitable space for mineral processing studies. This center as a reference for conducting tests in the field of mineral processing studies (including comminution, classification, physical separation methods, flotation, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, solid-liquid separation), mineralogy, chemical analysis, environmental studies, Biotechnology, nanotechnology and data processing by using international and national methods, such as ASTM, ISO, etc. standards in order to achieve the goals of the mining sector.

Also, the pilot section of the center, by creating a suitable platform for mining sector activists, has been able to play an effective role in optimizing the operation of processing units and mining industries, and also reduce related costs.

Iran Mineral Processing Research Center, in the field of providing laboratory services and creating space with the aim of increasing the level of satisfaction of its customers, by providing quality laboratory and semi-industrial services, this center has prioritized the following:

  • Employing skilled and qualified people in laboratories and semi-industrial units, to ensure the correct and accurate performance of the test (s),
  • Creating motivation, improving the level of skills and efficiency of employees through systematic and continuous training,
  • Expanding the scope of activities related to mineral processing experiments through increasing knowledge and purchasing modern equipment,
  • Appropriate communication with qualified suppliers and contractors
  • Continuous improvement in the set of activities and functions,
  • Timely and appropriate follow-up of complaints received from customers

To achieve these, the Iranian Mineral Processing Research Center has designed its quality management system based on the ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 standard and The management of the center is committed to provide the necessary resources and facilities to achieve the goals, meet the requirements of this standard and also improve activities.

Majid Vafaeifard

Director of Iran Mineral Processing Research Center