Iran Mineral Processing Research Center organized a series of symposiums on industry-university relations with the aim of "attracting processing ideas and creating a platform for participation in their development and commercialization, effective communication with the representative of the mineral processing group of the country's universities and The working group of purposeful communication between industry and university in this center "started in 1397.

Objectives of holding a symposium on the relationship between industry and the university

Attracting processing ideas and creating a platform for participation in their development and commercialization

Effective communication with the introduced representative of the Mineral Processing Department of the country's universities and forming a working group for purposeful communication between industry and the university in the research center through holding face-to-face and virtual meetings

Designing a purposeful communication system between industry and academia in the research center and its executive mechanism with the cooperation of professors and group representatives

Establishment of specialized social and communication networks to introduce consultants and processing specialists in specialized departments of crushing and grinding, physical separation, flotation, hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, etc. to benefit from the scientific potential of universities in the laboratory studies and pilot departments of the center.

Mutual cooperation in facilitating and paving the way for the following development activities

Identify and develop training programs and analyze specialized training needs in the field of processing and environment

Analyzing technology needs and participating in its commercialization

Research and development of pilot and mobile processing equipment

Process complication detection and promotion of recovery and productivity of processing factories in the country

Prioritize research on the challenges of the country's mineral processing industries such as water crisis and cost

Identifying and developing new methods and equipment for processing and laying the groundwork for the transfer of technical knowledge and technological cooperation

Recycling and processing of waste and tailings of mines and processing plants

Development of connections with the top processing research centers at the international level

Development of research and preparation of environmental assessment and strategic studies in order to develop productivity and green economy in the field of mineral processing

Development of research and technology in the extraction of strategic and precious elements, future technologies and ...